Welcome back to everyone’s favorite(ish) Q&A with one sexy rogue (that’s me by the way). Been a busy week, what with all the 3.1 PTR craziness and excitement but I haven’t forgotten you, my loyal readers so here you are. This one gets a little mathy…everyone likes math right?

Hey. I’ve been reading you blog for a few weeks now and your macros have been exceptionally helpful as was the nifty wound vs instant poison chart ;)

I was browsing your armory and I saw you also use “Signet of Edward the Odd” on a pure stat for stat basis its inferior to most rings because I have no way to calculate the DPS of the haste proc. What have you found for a proc rate so far or some numbers on it?

Ah, the Signet of Edward the Odd. Who exactly is that guy actually? And why does he like haste so much? So, yes, I am using the signet and it is a fairly solid ring though far from the best one could acquire. According to wowhead, it has a proc rate of 15% and it does have an internal cooldown of 45 seconds. I used the following formula to calculate the proc uptime (source), someone correct me if I’m wrong here.


D = Duration of the buff
P = Chance the buff procs on any given attack
V = Number of attacks that can trigger the proc in a given second
c = Internal cooldown of the proc
u = uptime
A = speed one
B = speed two

V = AB/(A+B)

Plugging in my weapon speeds we get:

u = 13/(45+(.95/.15))
u = 13/(45+6.3)
u = 14/51.1
u = 25.4%

So, you’re looking at a 25.4% uptime. So, 125 haste, 25.4% of the time makes this trinket worth about 31.25 haste.

Keep in mind that this is napkin math and it doesn’t take into account procs from your special attacks but I think it’s pretty close. I also left my weapon speeds at their starting values rather that calculating in my current haste rating.

Conclusion or TL;DR: While a good ring, I wouldn’t pay anything absurd for it on the AH (I got mine though a random drop). If you happen to have one, play around with it. Plug it into a spreadsheet and spend some time on the training dummies to see if it works for you.

I hope that answers your question.

If anyone else as a question, leave a comment below or drop me a line.

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  1. Thank you very much Zaltu! This has been most insightful. Sadly I bought the ring off the AH early on in Wotlk and now am finding upgrades. Thanks regardless,


  2. Sexy rogue?! Prove it :-P
    Btw I tagged you again for a new one

    Eresin’s last blog post..Been Tagged again!

  3. @eresin

    I’m not sure how I could prove it anymore than just continuing to be my awesome self :)

  4. The expression V = AB/(A+B) is the number of seconds per attack. So the description “Number of attacks that can trigger the proc in a given second” confused me, since that implies attacks per second (the inverse of what it actually is). Including the units in your calculation is always a good idea, e.g. (seconds/attack) / (procs/attack) = seconds/proc

    Your formula seems correct, but .95/.15 = 6.33, not 1.1. And the 13 inexplicably changed into 14 in the 2nd-last line. Without those errors you would get 25% uptime. You might also consider haste (divide V by hastefromgear * SnD). But I couldn’t figure out how you got V=.95 either.

  5. @R

    Good catch on those, that’s why it’s called napkin math after all. I’m made the corrections.