Here we go again with another episode of “Ask Zaltu”. Wherein everyone’s favorite sexy and awesome rogue (that’s me by the way, did I mention I’m also modest?) answers your burning questions. As a side note, you should probably get that burning checked out, that can’t be good.

I’m picking up my lvl 62 rogue after nearly a 9 months break.

Do you have or know of a good guide for Subtlety spec’d rogues? I’m looking for weapons suggestions and a good talent build suggestion now that my new copy of Wrath wiped everything clean.

Basically I need to get myself in top shape to level quick and get out of the crappy Burning Crusade area.


First off, welcome back to the world of roguery! We missed you.  Why did you leave us? I can honestly tell you I do not know much about leveling as subtlety (though I have heard it is fun!). When I think of subtlety the first thing I think of is HAT.

The standard level 80 HAT spec.

For leveling, focus on the Subtlety tree. I would also recommend putting two points in Improved Ambush and picking up Shadowstep. Shadowstep + crit Ambush will take a huge chunk off those mobs early. As for leveling and weapons, all I can say is just to do all the quests and use the best daggers you can come across and you’ll be more than fine. When you hit 80, head to the auction house and pick up a pair of Librarian’s Paper Cutters and start enjoying life.

I was wondering if there is a particular ui you recommend for a combat rogue and a shot rotation also. I have a level 80 night elf rogue, but I am still pretty newbish. Especially in pvp, I get very nervous when I’m being attacked and I tend to forget where my buttons are, so a silly girl friendly one would be great. Any advice you have would be mega awesome and appreciated :D

Now my first inclination is to make a joke about how there are no girls on the internet, but that joke is old and cliche at the moment (it will have retro appeal soon enough, I’m sure). Also, I know several girls who play (and quite well) of which I am very much afraid. As such, I will refrain from any sexist jokes (oh boy do I have some good ones too) for fear of having my pretty face cut.

First off, happy to see a lady rogue, we need more of them. When it comes to combat rogue rotations, I recommend you read my previous post on combat specs, that should give you a good basis from which to start.

As far as calming your nerves in PvP, I recommend remembering that you will die a lot at first and that’s OK, everyone starts somewhere. I also recommend using keybindings for your abilities. Bartender4 is an excellent bar mod that makes keybinding a breeze (I plan to make it the subject of my 3rd Friday Morning Mod).

Oh and if you’re looking to make your UI pretty, you can’t go wrong with Skinner.

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  1. I leveled my rogue 1-70 as Sub, and even raided in BC as sub.

    What works?

    Sinister Strike and Hemo Spamming, with big slow as sword in main hand, and fast off hand. Of course there was the times that I just couldnt get myself the swords I needed, so I spec’d ambush, ambush is fun, nothing like opening up on something and it looseing half its health.

    I wouldn’t go past the standard 46 point in SUB, if your looking to do PVE content in Wrath though…

    Darkban aka Dosequis’s last blog post..More Rogue NERFS coming…

  2. Hello!

    There are a lot of girls playing wow… my girlfriend is lady Warlock :P