So last week’s reaction was pretty positive and, as I sat back and looked over it after a few days, I was pretty pleased myself. Therefore, I shall continue the Friday Morning Mod until such a time that a multitude of people have told me to shut my face or I am distracted by something shiny. Although the latter is much more likely than the former.

I had to switch over to blip.tv instead of youtube due to the video running a bit longer than 10 minutes. However, it appears as if their quality is better anyways.

Download ag_UnitFrames

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  1. a question, is it easy to use focus in ag unit frames? iuse the macro that uses my focus to apply ToTT and havent downloaded the unit frames cuz with some addons i get the ingame wow problem that says i have to disable an addon :)

    Thanks in advance Zaltu!

  2. Thats the same one I use but mine has a HUGE issue. It will not let me right click to remove buff’s on myself. Does yours do it too?

    One quest in icecrown had me head to moonglade and put me in a dream state to gather acorns. To leave you had to remove the ‘buff’ that was on you. (nicely named, pinch me) but with agui I was unable to do that, or do it for any other spells (mind control on my priest, eye of the beat on my hunter etc) it’s been rather annoying. :( am I the only one it does this to?

  3. Oh… one other thing I’m not fond of… is that it don’t have a very clear showing of elite/rare mobs. Just text that to me is easy to over look. :/


    But for srs man, Pitbull > AG….


    <3 you mang

  5. Very helpful. Thanks for the great blog.

  6. Hah, great video. Have you tried the new AgUF with the “ag_pimpster” layout? Makes it tons more customizable.

    Also, does agUF have any auto attack/assist ToT functionality? I believe it use to, but I’m not sure any more..