Here I am, back again for another round of video goodness. Today’s topic, Bartender4.

I’ve been doing a lot to try an see if I can improve the video quality as a whole (sadly, I think it came out worse this time) but I have a couple ideas up my sleeve and I’m learning new things everyday so I have high hopes.

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  1. Nice… I played around a bit with different UI mods before giving up and going back to clicking and the standard UI. Think I will give bartender another go and sort out key-binding.

    p.s. Do you know of any useful UI mods to keep track of HfB, SnD and Rupture?

  2. Yup, classTimer!

  3. Finally, a mod that you and I can agree on, Zaltu.

    You are still a nub though.

    <3 you man!

    Oh, by the way, I want more cyborz tonight. =)

  4. I noticed your char portrait is moving like old school warcraft rts and switches tween you and your mount. What mod is that?

  5. @Realmreaver ag_Unitframes

    @Kerp – <3 you too

  6. @ Realmreaver: the animated image that portrays the player is called Pitbull, not ag_Unitframes.

  7. You didn’t discuss the background to all of your actionbars.

    The bottom of the screen seems to have a background ready for you to stack bars on top of?

    Is that part of bartender?


  8. I love the fact that you’re doing these articles. A question, though- When I had Bt4 installed, my targeting system was tweaked- Whenever I was targeting someone who was targeting a mob, I could start casting a spell and it would go straight to the mob, instead of giving me an “invalid target!” message. Is there a name for this feature, or an addon that does just that? It was pretty wonderful.

  9. While Pitbull offers the same functionality, it is, in fact, ag_unitframes doing that in my UI

  10. What do you use to record the video of wow Zaltu?

  11. @Rydia, I use FRAPS to record my videos

  12. @ Zaltu

    ooo thank you!

  13. Huh. I don’t recall having any unit frame mods installed, but alright, thank you. I’ll look into it.