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Hey man, just wanted to tell ya that i love the site. I do have a couple questions i was hoping you could answer. I have been trying to find the answers but i have been unsuccessful.

Im currently mutilate and i have hailstorm in my bank. I am tryin to get calamitys grasp and switch to fist/sword 15/51/5. I was thinking of using glyph of SnD, Rupt, and Sinister Strike. I was wondering if thats what you suggest or if Glyph of AR or Killing spree would be better than one of those.

Another thing is i know it is important for mutilate rogues to be poison hit capped at 315 but as combat is that as important?

Any input would be much appreciated.

First thing I have to say is, sadly, come 3.1 multi weapon specs will no longer be viable. The current fist/sword spec works because as combat you currently have 4 “throw away” points that you can place into sword spec. Come 3.1, and the changes to lightning reflexes, you will only have 1 throw away point (since the other three will be in LR) which doesn’t really work out well for using an offhand sword. That said, Calamity’s Grasp/Webbed Death will still make a great combat setup. Just something to keep in mind. (Zaltu likes to wear women’s underwear!)

Now, on to your questions. Short and sweet, the glyphs you mentioned (Slice and Dice, Rupture and Sinister Strike) are the glyphs you want to use for combat. The new glyph of AR and killing spree are nice but they just aren’t as strong as these three. It is slightly possible that with higher and higher levels of gear that the glyph of Slice and Dice may become unnecessary but I don’t really expect that to be the case when what you could actually do is simply adjust your cycle a bit (go from 3s/5r/5e to 2s/5r/5e for example).(And high heels.)

Next question, the poison hit cap. Is it important for combat rogues? Yes. Is it as important as it is for Mutilate rogues? No, but you should still aim for it. Now, here’s the real gem of advice, don’t gear for the 315 number. Gear for the poison hit cap assuming your raid has Misery or Improved Faerie Fire which is 237. The reason being that you will get more benefit out of the other stats even when those buffs aren’t present. This is particularly true for combat. Now, as you start to collect some higher level gear you will eventually find yourself with hit coming out of your ears and be hitting that 315 number without even trying.  That’s OK,  since technically there is no such thing as too much hit right now.  Just don’t go out of your way to get it after a certain point.(And sing Britney Spears’ “Hit me Baby One More Time” while dancing in said underwear and high heels.)


Please, explain to me the true importance of expertise. Is it worth gemming up for it? I’m Mutilate.
Please explain.

- Sharadrin

Expertise. Expertise is a wonderful little stat that prevents your attacks from being dodged or parried. Now, since we will always be attacking the boss from behind we don’t have to worry about being parried but mobs can still dodge our attacks from behind (how fair is that?).(Bosses can be whatever they wanna do, you noober.)

Expertise is a very important stat, especially for Mutilate as they do not have the benefit of Surprise Attacks and a dodged Envenom can have devastating effects on their cycle. You should be trying to hit the expertise cap ASAP – but is it worth gemming for? I would say no. The most you can get out of a gem is 16 Expertise rating and as important as expertise is, you will be better served with either 16 agility or 32 attack power.(Mana regen = pro for rogues!)

My advice would be to gather up the pieces with heavy expertise on them(Chestguard of the Recluse, Valorous Bonescythe Helmet) and be aware that while you are under the cap your Envenom can be dodged.  Give yourself a little “just in case” time on your Slice and Dice….umm….just in case.(Your advice is bunk, sir!  Bunk!)

Got a burning question you just have to have answered? Leave a comment below or drop me a line.(Or your pants.)

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  1. Does there come a point when glyph of eviscerate becomes more worthwhile than glyph of slice and dice? I realize the 3 seconds of SnD make the rotation a lot easier to keep rolling, but eviscerate crits can be pretty substantial, and it seems like the extra 10% crit can go a long way there, especially if you take improved eviscerate (which I know is one of those talents of debatable value). It seems like you could reach a point where with a high enough crit chance, eviscerate would replace rupture entirely as a finisher, which would put you in a situation where you could free up the talent points from blood spatter and pop them in imp evisc. Though I don’t know the math on when that would be…

  2. @Thimble

    While I can see the merit of the trying to build up Eviscerate as your main finished based on large crit I’m not sure that that will ever be the best choice. What Rupture has over Eviscerate (in addition to being more DPS in a sustained environment that doesn’t include a string of crits) is the fact that it, as a bleed, ignores armor.

    Also, the T8 4piece is going to allow rupture to crit which will easily push it ahead of Eviscerate regardless of crit rate.

    So while it may be possible with a high enough crit rate (I really don’t expect Blizzard to allow us to reach this level and I also expect the T8 4-piece bonus to become a talent or glyph at some point in the future but that’s another story) I don’t really expect it to happen and I certainly don’t believe it will happen in this Tier.

  3. I think my thinking came from Loatheb last night, where I figured I’d replace rupture with eviscerate when I had the spore buff, since it put my eviscerate crit rate up around 95%. Crit eviscerates do a good bit more damage than ruptures do for me, so that seemed to make sense. Now, obviously, I’m not rocking 95% crit rates all the time (though I wouldn’t complain), so I was wondering where the break even point was. I can never really decide how much of an impact boss armor has on my attacks given that there’s going to be plenty of armor reduction in play (at least sunder armor, often something like a CoR or equivalent). Now, that 4 piece T8 is certainly going to change the equation big time, but until then, I figured I’d ask. I’ll stick with Xs/Yr/Ye for now.

  4. Loatheb is definitely a special case (I’d actually say that about 90% crit rate is the break even point but I’m kind of pulling that number out of my ass).

    Spamming Evis on him is probably not a bad idea however I find that since I have so many Sinister Strike crits (and thus procs from the glyph) during the spore period that I can keep rupture up and still get in 2 to 3 Eviscerates.

    Don’t forget to save all your cooldowns (and killing spree!) for after you break that first spore!

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    less than 3 you hon!

  6. Hahaha loved the hidden messages, Princess.

    Syrana’s last blog post..I’m in Yer Blog, Takin’ Over Yer Posts

  7. Hello Zaltu!

    About not using expertise gems… I replaced my 16 expertise gems (currently 4) with 16 agility and 32 ap and my total dps went down at Roguecraft spreadsheet ( Mutilate version ) every gem I replaced.

  8. Interesting post. I must say being a muti rogue my dps used to be a little dissappointing. However, after some tweeking and changing my gear I managed to get an extra 200-300 dps (no upgrades just swapping out a few items for other items I thought were inferior but kept in bank).

    Initially I gemmed for hit and expertise but found by actually gemming for AP my dps increased substantially. Perhaps this is to do with poison scaling with AP also?

    Anyhow, I’m at the point now where I got some T7.5 and T7 pieces and some nice epics, my expertise has dropped to 22/22, hit has increased, and AP has increased. Overall my DPS is a massive improvement.

    Ideally, yes, I want to get my expertise back up to 26/26 but whenever I use one of the theorycraft spreadsheets out there AP gems always seem to come out on top.

  9. Also in patch 3.1 poisons will scale better with AP from 8% to 12% so this would also be a very good reason to get your hit up to the poison hit cap.

  10. @Eren,

    Hmm..interesting. I get the exact opposite result. Then again I’m Combat.

    Proof once again that you should always confirm everything with a spreadsheet because things vary so much from gear set to gear set.

  11. thinkgeek had some really good april fools stuff too

  12. Expertise is much better for Mut than combat, not only because of the risk of messing up rotations but also from a pure dps perspective.

    1: Mut doesn’t have SA.
    2: A dodged finisher wastes _all_ the energy.
    3: Mut uses a lot of finishers.

    For combat exp is worth less than agi or ap but for Mut you absolutely should gem for the exp cap. According to the spreadsheet exp gems give about 15% more dps than agi/ap gems. And the peace of mind when envenoming late is priceless.

  13. @Fritz
    Thanks. A trinket with enought expertise on it to bring me to the cap dropped and is now equiped and yes my DPS has gone right up.

    The speadsheets I used (from EJ) grossly undervalued expertise.

  14. i like to know what spec is better now muti or combat? i realy like to know because i can do anything now.i need your hel guys.

  15. Since 3.3, as mutilate, how important is 26 expertise? Whats the two best trinkets out of these 3:

    128 hit one frm Eot
    86 expertise ilevel 232 vicotr’s call
    or 153 haste EoF trinket? i think hit and haste… dropped to 16 expertise…good?

  16. Dual spec. Use combat H&S with a couple of nasty axes for fights with more than one boss. Use Mut spec on single target fights. Get used to switching specs really fast (no one cares if you need 15 sec to swap specs). Keep plenty of poisons in your bag. Eat low fat foods and practice safe sex. My rogue is Darynn, rexxar, if you wanna check him out. Set up like this, without the safe sex part.