All has been pretty quiet in the world of Rogue’s lately but our favorite crab just dropped a little tidbit of information to whet our appetites

We have a change for Vanish in place for 3.3. You will get to try it out soon ™. As promised, if it proves a significant buff to rogues, we may have to compensate elsewhere. Just because it hasn’t worked as intended doesn’t mean it will be balanced when it does.

Interesting. What is this fix? Will it work? Will it be awesome? Questions abound. The smart money (my money) is on a short immunity period after you cast vanish to keep you from getting knocked out immediately. You heard it here first(ish).

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  1. That would be nice – I hate the Vanish and get AoE’d out instantaneously, kind of defeats the purpose. Another cool possibility would be a Vanish + Shadowstep feature to get you a few yards out of the way. I could see that being a problem though as where would you show up? Either way exciting news, thanks!

  2. Don’t you do it, Zaltu! Don’t you get our hopes up like this only to have them be dashed by Blizzard! You were right about the Ulduar release date, and even (to an extent) the TotCr release date, so your track record is looking pretty good… but to so boldly proclaim that the powers that be might actually fix Vanish?! Madness!
    But seriously… please be right.

  3. The last part of that quote has me kinda worried though…

    “we may have to compensate elsewhere. Just because it hasn’t worked as intended doesn’t mean it will be balanced when it does. ”

    >.< cringe
    .-= wrthofnino´s last blog ..I’m So Confused Now =-.

  4. Vanish + Blink (not really shadowstep) seems like how Vanish should be, to me. I think we’re all supposed to be video game ninjas though. :D

  5. Well it’s not getting aoe’d out that’s the big deal, that makes sense, it’s getting auto-attacked out.
    Also, fyi, “rogue’s” is possessive, not plural ;)

  6. ps, the fyi was for Zaltu

  7. I’d actually prefer vanish / disengage to vanish and blink. It also feels more natural for a jump backwards to a jump forward…


  8. Got this from the 3.3 PTR notes

    Vanish: For the first second after this ability is used, neither Vanish nor Stealth can be broken by taking damage or being the victim of a hostile spell or ability.

    One word: FINALLY!

  9. This would be great! We’ll actually gain the benefit of having preparation in pvp. At the moment, sometimes I have to blow Vanish Prep Vanish just to get away.

    I did notice yesterday in Arathi Basin a hunters pet was following me around (although he wasn’t attacking me) whilst I was in “Improved Stealth”. Luckily the Hunter must’ve been a Nab and not caught on to what his mangey mutt was doing.
    .-= Recked´s last blog ..WoW Rogue Tier 10 Armor and Set Bonuses =-.