Rogue T10 Set Bonus

The rogue T10 set bonus have been revealed thanks to some happy data-mining gnomes. First things first, let’s give the standard disclaimer here that this are from the PTR and may change slightly of completely.

With that out of the way, let me just say:

*ahem* excuse me. As you could probably tell, I’m more than a little excited about these set bonus. After the very disappointing T9, it’s nice to see a set bonus I actually want! (In all fairness, T8 4p was just too good for T9 to really have a chance). So what are these wonderful set bonuses? Let’s look shall we:

Rogue T10 2P Bonus – Gives your melee finishing moves a 13% chance to add 3 combo points to your target.

WOW, this is just really nice. Three free combo points is lip-smackingly good. I suspect that by this point in the gear progression most of us will be moving to the high armor-pen rupture-less cycle and this will be a wonderful a addition to this, hell, it would be a wonderful addition to any cycle.

Rogue T10 4P Bonus – Your Tricks of the Trade ability now grants you 15 energy instead of costing energy.

Very Nice. Very Very Nice. Placing tricks of the trade on another dps (usually another rogue) was always something that lowered our personal dps to the benefit of increased raid DPS (generally the other rogue would return the favor, thus giving up a boost as well). But now! But now my friends! Free energy! Who could say no to gaining 15 energy from an ability that used to cost 15 energy that you use on every cooldown? No on, that’s who.

Give them to me. I needs them.

Side Note: Did you see how they are fixing Vanish? What can I say, when I’m right I’m right.

Side-Side Note: Thank you for all the wonderful emails I’ve been getting. I’ve been doing my absolute best to try and get back to each and everyone but it is a losing battle overall. E-hearts all around.

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  1. I am loving the bonuses compared to the crappy T9 ones. I’ll be interested to see the stats. So you think it’s likely we’ll see the Rogue evolve away from the Rupture, SnD and HfB rotation as a result of T10? What sort of cycle do you think we’ll be using?

    Btw pictures of the armor from MMO-Champion are available:

    What do you think?

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  2. Agreed. T9 is not so good and T10 bonuses look great. I have been upgrading everything else except the 4-pieces of T8 in combination with the Duskstalker Shoulderpads and even with the T9 2-piece it isn’t even close in dps to the T8 numbers. Looking forward to T10 already… oh, and the bonuses *do* make up for how dumb the helm looks.

  3. I would like to hear more about this rupture-less cycle since you mentioned to nerf to armor pen.

    The armor looks retarded….
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  4. It looks like they switched the 2p and 4p bonuses

  5. I actually found that by equiping all item level 245 gear with the 4 piece it is a dps increase on the T8.5 armor set. Granted, it’s not as big an upgrade as T7.5 to T8.5 but still an upgrade.
    To be honest I’m not sure how hard Icecrown is going to be so I have been gearing everything up and am only one piece of T9 245 of having all ToC gear (with all non-heroic best in slot gear bar boots and trinket which I’m hoping will drop soon).
    My guild has cleared 10-man ToC Heroic but we have been struggling a little with 25-man Heroic. I figure my job as a Rogue is to maximise my DPS in order to help the guild get through the 25-man Heroic so even though T9 245 isn’t as great a jump as T8.5 was it’s still an increase.
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  6. were can i get those T10 set pls reply????????

  7. I’d advise you to run the numbers on these set bonuses before you praise them so high. They are actually not that good.

    15energy is not all that significant. That is a combo move every 1.5 minutes == very underwhelming.

    elitist jrks ran the numbers already, they are “fair”. Nothing more. Compared to some of the other tier pieces, we are shafted again.

  8. It’s actually a gain of 30 energy, since you now gain 15 energy, instead of losing it.

    Yes, EJ did run the numbers and as far as I can recalled, they were rated as much higher than “fair”

    Now T9, that was a shafting but only because T8 was so good.

  9. /agree Zaltu

    We were kind of spoilt with T8 bonuses plus the amount of red gem slots too (if I recall correctly).
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  10. <3 Tier 10 bonus. Well I used to love the T9 bonus befoire it became redundant ;_; I have to say it's a lot easier (boring) to play the rogue now i have to rupture to worry about :/