In my quick (p)review of the T10 set bonuses I made a bit of an offhanded comment about the rupture-less cycle. Boy did I open up a can of worms with this one.

Did your offhand comment at least give you a combat potency proc?

I hate you so much. Was that really necessary?

It made me laugh.

I’m sure it did.

Was it necessary for you to mention a cycle that most people shouldn’t be doing yet, thus making them excited and possibly confused?


Now, about this rupture-less cycle I mentioned, a lot of you emailed me requesting information about the cycle. I was hesitant to mention it earlier since, for the most part, you generally will not have the gear to support it but since I let it slip and now everyone is all curious, I’ll elaborate.

First, here is the spec for this cycle (substituting your weapon of choice):

So, the rupture-less cycle is really that, you drop rupture out of your cycle in favor of eviscerate. Why didn’t I bring this up is that it requires extremely high levels of gear (with lots of armor pen) before this cycle surpasses the rupture cycle.

So, when should I use the rupture-less cycle? Well, ask yourself a few questions.

Am I wearing 4 piece T8?
If yes, then no chance, rupture criting is too good to pass up.

What’s my Armor Pen?
I’m not going to give you a hard number but I will says that if I switched all my Agi gems for Armor Pen, I’d have 366 Armor Pen and I still wouldn’t be close to the number I needed to switch over to this new cycle.

So how do I know when to switch?
Well, you have to use a spreadsheet to be absolutely sure. I hear some groaning in the crowd. I’m sorry but please put your pitchforks down. Aldriana over at Elitist Jerks has created a wonderful Combat Spreadsheet that I find is very easy to use. Download it here.

So there you have it, the elusive rupture-less cycle I mentioned. Sorry it’s not as interesting as it could be. The truth is, you probably don’t need to worry about it, at least not yet. Don’t worry though, when you do, I’ll let you know.

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  1. Intersting article. I must admit I’ll have to look into this from a Mutilate spec point of view. Isn’t armor pen being nerfed? I seem to recall reading this somewhere but being an Assassination spec I must admit I didn’t pay too much attention.

  2. Armor Pen was nerfed in 3.2.2 but it wasn’t a huge nerf.

  3. ugh…spreadsheets. I’m convinced that spreadsheets are the worst part of being in a progression raiding guild.
    But, they are the single best way to improve your character. And the people at EJ do a great job of making as painless as possible.

    Great job explaining what the rupture-less cycle is and that you need a high gear level in order for it to be optimal.

  4. Interesting post. I used Eviscerate all the time back in the days when I was a young rogue – it’d be nice to throw it back in my rotation again.

  5. I’ve been using a ruptureless cycle for the past 2-3 weeks and I love it. I’ve seen much more consistency in my dps along with about a 500 dps increase on most fights.

  6. I wish I could drag every rogue to your article and make them read it. Ever since EJ even hinted at the possibility of a Rupture-less cycle, rogues everywhere have been jumping on the “OMG must Evis moar nao” bandwagon, and you are right, most of them don’t have the gear for it. It’s the same thing with the ongoing fascination with armor pen. It’s making me a sad panda to see rogues in T8 and without a Mjolnir Runestone gemming arpen and giggling about their Evis-only cycle. *sigh*
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  7. Oh, and I suppose I should add that yes, I am running Evis-only, but geez, it didn’t happen overnight. I’ve had the Runestone since June, but I had to wait til I got enough pieces of 245/258 gear to completely replace my T8 before I was able to switch to Evis-only and have it be an improvement. And with the nerf to arpen, it’s a very fine line. I’m eating +arpen food for raids, and when the Runestone procs, I’m still 11 under cap. Get the spreadsheet, dear rogue-y folks, it will help you figure out when the time is right.

  8. I wish I could continue to use that spreadsheet, unfortunately if you happen to have shit luck with drops or raid casually for a while, you’re gear will be removed from the sheet making it a useless tool.

  9. Great info. as always. I am a little behind the curve in raid progression due to so many reasons, but the T8 bonuses seem too good to give up. I have 3 pieces of T9 and my numbers (thanks to the spreadsheet) are still better wearing the 4 T8… so until I get the 4th piece of T9 I’ll be enjoying my rupture crits thank you very much.

  10. So the best spec I should do is 15/51/5 ?

  11. Zaltu,

    again great post.

    I was wondering if you could clean up some of the other rumors/theories/and ideas going around.

    Lately it seems that there is just so much going on at EJ its hard to follow.

    like ruptureless cycles, weapon offhand swapping, tier 8 vs tier 9, double WP, diff btw high rupture and low rupture cycles, serrated blades for mut/combat specs, etc.

    I know that there is no hard rule as to what you should be doing and Aldriana’s spreadsheet for the most part will tell you what you should be doing based on your current gear level but it would be nice to get some understanding around some of the talk that is going on out there. Thanks.

  12. Quick question to those in the know,

    When the sheet is recommending a Low Rupture cycle, what kind of uptime should we be aiming for?

  13. “Low Rupture” is ~70%, “High Rupture” is ~90%.

  14. note:

    for those of us without t8 4pc set bonus, the threshold of gear to switch to ruptureless is much lower. I get a ~40dps gain from 18/51/2 ruptureless build according to latest sheet.

  15. Lower Gear = Rupture > Evis in rotations
    Higher gear = Evis > Rupture in rotations

    What is the best rotation for 15/51/5?
    My previous rotation —>
    1st Cycle —> Tricks of the Trade > Pop Trinket (670 AP for 20 sec.) > Killing Spree > Blade Flurry > Adrenaline Rush > SS 5/5 > 16 sec. Rupture > 14 sec. SnD (If Ruthlessness 3/3 procs. If not then SS 1/5 to a 14 sec. SnD). Start 2nd Cycle
    2nd Cycle —>SS 5/5 > 16 sec. Rupture > 14 sec. SnD (If Ruthlessness 3/3 procs. If not then SS 1/5 to a 14 sec. SnD) > SS 5/5 Evis > 14 sec. SnD (Again only if Ruthlessness procs.)

    My gear score is 2147, pretty average. I’ve always used that cycle above. I just now tested the Ruptureless-Rotation , all I did was switch the 5/5 Rupture with a 5/5 Evis. I gained 450 DPS just from that small change.
    So my question to you all… What is the best

  16. The new Rupture-less cycle atm since 3.3 is…20/51/0, i am agi gemed and i am usually top dps at about 6-7k, rupture cycle would bring me to about 6k and now with poison buffed 20/51 is really the best way to go

  17. Rupture-less cycle is the best way to go. 20/51 is by far the best combat spec, regardless of your MH weapon choice, as the increase to your poison damage will up your dps. As far as ArP goes i sit at 633 ArP and a futher 678 ArP when trinket procs. I use a combination of ArP gems and Agil gems, to maintain AP and Crit whilst gaining the bonus of ArP. I usually top the dps with 8.2 – 9.5k dps. Its a balancing act, but rupture, should no longer be used in your rotations.