/equipslot 17 [Dagger With Deadly Poison]
/equipslot [modifier:shift] 17 [Dagger With Wound or Instant Poison]

There you have it, a quick and easy macro for weapon swapping.

Awesome, we’re done here. Let’s go eat some Halloween candy!

No can do, voice in my head, we’re not done here.

Are you sure about that?

Damn sure, we still have to explain what weapon swapping is and how/when/why to do it.

Oh, well can I eat candy?

Knock yourself out.

If you’ve had your ears open to a lot of the recent rogue chatter you may have heard the term “weapon swapping” being thrown around a lot lately.

What is weapon swapping exactly?

Weapon swapping is switching your offhand weapon when you have a full 5 stack of Deadly Poison to another weapon with a strong (Wound or Instant depending on your spec) poison and then quickly switching back to your deadly offhand to refresh the stacks.

Why would we do this? Well, the same reason we do anything: If done properly it can be a nice boost to your DPS.

Sounds awesome, how do I start? Well, you need a couple of things to be successful at weapon swapping:

  • Two Similar (preferably identical) offhand weapons
  • Low Latency
  • Quick Reflexes
  • The ability to keep track of another timer with razor sharp accuracy

These last two are really really important because if you aren’t timing it right and you let the deadly poison stacks drop off then you will actually be hurting your DPS.

So, if you have all these things, give weapon swapping a shot but remember to practice, practice practice.


You’re probably not familiar with the weapon enchant Black Magic. Currently it causes your damaging spell to cause a DOT but on the PTR it increases your haste rating whenever you deal spell damage.

What does this mean for rogues? Well, poisons will proc this effect. Is this enchant better than berserking then? No, BUT, using weapon swapping (provided you have enough weapons laying around) you could possibly swap in an offhand with black magic, wait for the proc, then swap back to your berserking offhand and then repeat this action when the internal cooldown of black magic is up.

Sounds nifty, keep a eye out for this one.

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  1. Nice post, although you did beat me to it. lol.
    Personally I hope Blizz figures out a way to stop this. It is a dps upgrade true. But, it is so clunky and obviously unintended. I’ll collect my thoughts on it for later I suppose.

    Enjoy the blog. Keep it up.

  2. if you are using 2 of the same weapon, you don’t really even need the second line

  3. I’ve been using something like this on fights like Faction Champs and Icehowl so that I can use the helpful stuff (like Wound/Mind Numbing/Crippling) but only some of the time and Deadly the rest of the time – and Anesthetic on Icehowl when guildies don’t get out of the way. Good thought on the extra dps tho, didn’t consider using it for that but it makes a lot of sense…especially long fights when a different poison used to Shiv would be a nice thing to have, but Deadly is too important to our dps.

  4. The part of the macro that says (dagger with wound poison), do you actually write this or would you say apply some wound poison to let’s say webbed death and write (webbed death ) in yh macro. Sorry I’m aacro noob and need some advice! Thank you

  5. Re: Cambria’s post – you’d just add the Wound poison to the dagger in your bag and put the name of the dagger (Webbed Death) in the place of the [Dagger with deadly poison] or whatever. :)

  6. Originally posted by Pinch of Premonition

    Hit this one when you log on (initialization macro)

    /run ws=CreateFrame(“FRAME”,”WS”)u=UseEquipmentSet function g()d=nil for i=1,40 do n,_,_,s,_,_,x,c=UnitDebuff(“target”,i)if n==”Deadly Poison IX” and c==”player” then d=(x-GetTime()>5 and s==5) end end if d then u(“IP”) else u(“DP”) end end

    This turns weapon swapping on/off

    /run if not aso then ws:RegisterEvent(“UNIT_COMBAT”)ws:SetScript(“OnEvent”,g)DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage (“Autoswap On”)aso=true else ws:UnregisterEvent(“UNIT_COMBAT”)DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(“Autoswap Off”)aso=nil end

    You’ll need 2 item sets in the blizzard itemrack, one named IP and one named DP.

    For anyone that can’t read the code, here is what it does:
    - You target something that is in combat that doesn’t have a 5 stack of your deadly poison, it swaps to the DP set
    - When you hit 5 stacks of deadly poison, it’ll swap to the IP set
    - When DP has 5 seconds remaining, it’ll swap back to the DP set
    - When DP is refreshed, it’ll swap back to the IP set

    You have to do nothing. The only thing on your end is the annoying GCD’s caused by the swaps.

  7. Justin mentioned an addon called “poisonswapper” on curse.com which does most of this for you. Worth a look perhaps?

    .-= Recked´s last blog ..Rogue News: Murder Talent Update in Patch 3.3 =-.