Hello, hello, hello and (you guessed it) hello. It’s been a busy time for me lately (Dragon Age isn’t going to play itself) and a not so busy time to be a rogue. Things haven’t really changed and there isn’t a whole lot that is going to change for us in patch 3.3. Have no fear though, you’ll be hearing from me on patch day with all the wonderful info you need to know to keep stabby-stabbing things with the best of them.

Speaking of patch 3.3, it’s time for my now (in)famous guess of the patch drop day.

Drum roll please…..

Tuesday, December 1st.

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  1. I was thinking more likely it’ll be some time in the new year. However, I see the daily updates from MMO-Champion regarding the testing so you may not be far wrong here.

    Considering Cataclysm is likely to be released this time next year, Ice-crown must keep the “elite” busy for quite some time. This is why I figured sometime around end of January.

    Having said that Blizzard do seem to like releasing thier expansions during this time of year… TBC was released Autumn/Winter (if I remember rightly) and WoTLK too.

    If it is December 1st we don’t have much time left to get that gear?!

    I hope it’s not that soon tbh but then that’s just me.
    .-= Recked´s last blog ..WoW Rogue Arena Armor Set Bonuses Updated in Patch 3.3 =-.

  2. Wooooooah you might well be correct. I was playing last night when I suddenly experienced some huge lag. Wondering what it was I Alt-Tabbed out and there it was….

    Blizzard Background Downloader downloading the fist 450mb of 3.3!?

    Damn you Zaltu reveal your sources!
    .-= Recked´s last blog ..Poisons Improved in Patch 3.3 =-.

  3. i was thinking that it might be at the begining of January and im looking forward to playing it because rogues are my favorite class and im excited about the dual wielding a lvl1 instead of lvl10 because i hate lvling 10 lvls before getting Dual Weild.